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thursday | saturday | 60 to 180 Guests



In addition to exclusive use of the venue and premises for the day of your wedding our packages includes the following:

Explained in detail in our package document

  • Coordinator & Consultations

    On-site coordinator for the time leading up to your wedding.

    One family viewing can be arranged with your coordinator. Bookings are essential.

    One decor and flower meeting with your florist at the venue. Mock setups can be done during this meeting. Bookings are essential.

    Final meeting with your coordinator 10 days before your wedding at the venue or through a Google Meet if we need to schedule it after hours.

  • The Estate

    Exclusive use of the estate on the day of your wedding.

    A weekend wedding option is available at no additional venue hire, but the 15 rooms at the guest house must be booked out for Friday night.

    Guest rooms are exclusively available to your wedding guests.Check -in from 14H00 if you did not book a weekend wedding.

    The running time of the event and staff is calculated on 8 hours. Summer Weddings start at 16H00, and Winter Weddings start at 15H00.

  • The Setup Area

    The venue is available for setup from 08H00 on the wedding day or as agreed with the coordinator.

    If you booked a weekend wedding, the venue will be available from 12H00 to 16H00 the day before the wedding.

    Overtime will be charged at R 350.00 per hour for external florists if they require additional setup time.

  • The Wedding Party Preparation Area

    Bridal Suite from 10H00 on the wedding day if you did not book a weekend wedding.

    The bridal room will be cleaned and prepared as a honeymoon suite.

    The groom's room from 11H00 on the wedding day if you did not book a weekend wedding.

    Honeymoon Suite for the bride and groom on the wedding night with breakfast.

    Light lunch for up to 16 Guests on the wedding day.

  • The Welcome Area

    Wooden Benches

    Fruit Infused Water and Fruit Juice

    Easel for Welcome Sign

  • The Ceremony Area in the Chapel

    Tolix Chairs

    Podium Register

    Register Table

    Confetti Table

    DJ with PA System and Mic

    Hexagon, A-Frame or Circle Arch

    Chapel and Aisle Decor (See the selection in catalogue)

    Tulle Curtains

  • The Cocktail Area

    Harvest Table or your selected menu for the Cocktail Area

    4 Large Cocktail Tables with 16 Chairs

    4 Small Cocktail Tables with 8 Chairs

    9 Bohemian Lounge Pockets with Rugs & Side Tables seating 54 guests

    Fully Licensed Outdoor Cash Bar

    1 Cake Table & Cake Knife

    DJ with PA System

    Easel for the Seating Chart

    Rain Umbrellas

  • The Reception Area in the Main Hall

    Dinner from your selected menu

    Dessert selected from our menu

    Fully Licensed Indoor Cash Bar

    2 Small Cocktail Tables with 4 Chairs

    2 Lounge Pockets seating 12 guests with Rugs & Side Tables in the Hall or in the Foyer depending on final guest numbers and your floor plan.

    Gift Table with a Gift Box

    DJ with PA System and Mic

    2.4m Wooden Guest Tables (8 Seaters)

    1.8m Bridal Table

    1.8m Suppliers Table (6 Seater)

    Tolix Chairs

    Cutlery (Silver, Gold, or Copper)

    Glassware (Champagne, Wine & Water)

    Napkins (See the available colors in the catalog). Subject to quantities available.

    Guest Table Decor (See the vases and candlesticks in the catalog). Subject to quantities available.

    Underplates (See the available selection in the catalog). Subject to quantities available.

    Crockery (Black or White). Subject to quantities available.

    Fleece Blankets for the winter

  • The Boma Area

    Firewood for the boma is provided by Ever Be.

    Boma will be lit at 22H00.

  • Staff

    On-site coordinator from 10H00 to 21H00 on your wedding

    An on-site manager from 07H00 to 00H00 on your wedding

    Standard setup crew before your wedding

    Standard cleaning crew before and after your event

    Standard Gardening crew before and after your event

    Standard kitchen staff to prepare and serve your chosen menu

    1 Waiter per 24 Guest or 3 Tables

    1 Barman per 60 Guests

    4 Scullery on the wedding day from 14H00 to 22H00

    2 Armed Security

    4 Parking Attendants

  • Generator

    A generator that starts up automatically in the event of a power failure on your wedding day is included up to load shedding Stage 4.

    Surcharges will apply if load shedding reaches Stage 5.

    The generator will be switched off at 01H00 in the morning following the closure of the venue.

    The generator will not be switched on during the day for the previous day set-up.

    The generator will be switched off at 22H00 at night if guests are sleeping over the night before.

  • Coordinator Note

    Please note that the venue coordinator is not a personal wedding planner.

    However, they will gladly assist with general recommendations and answer questions regarding suppliers and wedding arrangements specifically involving the venue.

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